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Hey Queens!  As November wraps us in cozy vibes, let's talk about the sacred ritual of wash day. Here are five things to gracefully say 'no' to this month for better hair days: 

1. Rushing Royalty:

In the hustle, don't rush your crown. Hasty detangling leads to breakage. Slow down, play your favorite tunes, and let every strand feel the love.

2. Shampoo Slowdown:

After those protective braids, resist the shampoo urge. Begin with a lavish conditioner session, followed by shampoo, then another dose of conditioner. Give your tresses the moisture it craves.

3. Fingers, Not Nails:

Say 'no' to scratchy sessions. Wash with fingertips, massage gently in circles. It's a mini-spa day for your scalp—no pain, just gain.

4. Chair Queen:

Your stylist should respect the crown. No root-to-tip combing or harsh scratching. It's your hair, your rules. Speak up in that stylist's throne.

5. Detangle the Right Way:

Put a 'no' on detangling with shampoo. Let conditioner work its magic from ends to roots. Your curls will thank you with bounce and beauty.

This November, let's honor our hair with the care it deserves. No compromises, just love and royal treatment. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Which of these do you need to start saying 'NO' to?

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