How to Easily Detangle Dry, Natural Hair!!

How to Easily Detangle Dry, Natural Hair!!

One of my biggest tips for maintaining my long, Type 4 hair is focusing on the basics: moisturizing, sealing, protective styling, and proper detangling. Detangling our hair can be a total nightmare without the right techniques and products, given that our hair naturally forms tangles and knots. However, in order for us to grow longer, healthier hair, it is imperative that we learn to embrace and manage these kinks and coils. So, here's how to do it without pulling out your hair in frustration! 

Detangling your hair should never be a rush job, so if you only have a few minutes, save detangling for another time! 

What You Need:

  •  Wide-Tooth Comb
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Grow & Flow leave in detangling hair mist
  • Hair Clips 

6 Life-Saving Detangling Tips: 

1.  It's always a good idea to have some kind of leave-in conditioner and spray bottle handy. Of course, my favorite is the New Grow & Flow moisture intensive leave-in detangling hair mist. Spritz your hair only as much as needed with this hair goodie. Adding moisture to your hair makes it 10 times easier to detangle. 

2. Section your hair in 6-8 sections. Use either a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to divide your hair into sections. The smaller the section, the easier it will be to detangle. Use hair clips to keep the rest of your hair out of the way. 

3. Use your fingers first to work through tangles. Ease tangles apart instead of raking downward through the knots and kinks. Combs can sometimes cause excessive damage to the hair. Finger combing decreases your chances of retaining length. 

4. Now that you have worked through most of the big tangles with your fingers, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of the rest. Always begin at the bottom of the first section of hair and work your way upwards. Use one of your hands to comb and the other hand to hold the bottom section of your hair firmly. Move onto the next area of your hair and repeat once you're able to comb straight  through once or twice from roots to ends. 

5. If you find that you need additional moisture during the detangling process, spritz your hair with more of the Grow & Flow leave in detangling hair mist. 

6. Patience is key. Detangling your hair can be very time consuming, especially if your hair is long. The good news is Grow & Flow hair goodies help to save up to 45 minutes in detangling time. 

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