Stop Telling Black Girls They Have "Good Hair"!!

Stop Telling Black Girls They Have "Good Hair"!!

Growing up, kids and adults would always say to me “you got good hair” and some kids would even say “I wish I had hair like yours“ and that stuck with me. As I got older, I realized just how damaging the terms “good hair” and ”bad hair” could be to kids who didn’t have “good hair“. 


No, we can‘t change what hair texture we’re born with. But, we can change how we view our hair and other’s hair. We can also change certain styles we wear that may be damaging our hair. And, we can change the products that we use In our hair to products that actually work! 


I believe that we can all achieve “good hair” with the right products, time, and love! Remember that our hair needs natural products that are free from harmful chemicals and drying alcohols in order to be healthy and grow! Long hair doesn’t happen overnight! So, be patient as you’re training your hair or your daughter’s hair to do what you want it to do. And, lastly love your hair. Treat it as if it is already the long, healthy hair that you’re trying to grow! 


We have to teach our children to love their natural hair regardless of texture or length 💗 Keep reading to learn 4 ways to increase your child’s hair-esteem!! 


1. Buy your daughter black barbie dolls with similar skin complexions and hair types! 


2.  Buy books that encourage black kids to love black hair! 


3. Have conversations with them about their hair. Ask them how they feel about their hair. You could even show them pictures of women, or kids, with different types of hair and ask them what they think of it and take the conversation from there. For example, you could show a Spanish woman with curly hair, black women with kinky hair, white woman with blonde hair, etc. 


4. Learn about their hair type and then teach them! Let them know how special their hair is. 


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